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Lost & Found

Lost Birds

Lilac Crowned Amazon, 11/29 West Henrietta Rd & East River Rd area, call Katie 729.1940

Rainbow Lory, 11/19/17 Fulton, NY, 6th & Pratt area. contact Nicole, 315.529.2277

Alexandrine Parrot, 8/22, contact Luis, 716.533.0307

Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure, flew out 6/2, Webster area, contact Lori @ 267.0642

Quaker Parrot, 6/8, still loose but in Irondequoit area, contact Leuren @ 350.8201

Parakeet, 6/6, still loose, but in Plank & 5 Mile Line Rd area, contact Barbara @ 787.7790

 4/17/17, Parakeet, Must identify, Bear Swamp Rd. area in Williamson, contact Williamson Animal Hospital, 315.589.8439

 C'mon  people...trim 'em, let's not have any birds posted as lost, trim those wings. Even with trimmed wings birds fly too well, if you feel you need to take your bird outside keep it in a cage, otherwise it's an accident waiting to happen.

Some of the lost birds have had clipped wings but outside they caught some wind and they were gone. If you think your bird likes you so much that it won't fly away or that it will come back to you if it does fly off, you're kidding yourself. If you feel you must take your bird outside, keep it in a cage.  If the bird hasn't flown off you yet... it will. Most of the above lost birds were birds that people thought would never fly away and they took them outside only to have something spook them and off they went. The chance of you seeing your bird again is about 10% if it flies off.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle will post found ads for three days at no cost as well.

Trim your birds wings so they won't show up on this page.