Birds Unlimited


Monday - Friday 11 to 8
Saturday - 10 to 5
Sunday - closed

* indicates that it's still being hand fed

Birds are unsexed unless otherwise noted

Pictures may or may not be of the actual birds available.


Last updated Wednesday October 18th 2017,  really, this is current, we update it every day. If you don't see it on here, we don't have it, no need to call or email and ask. If it's on here, it's still here.

* A note on African Greys, few have been available the last two seasons. If they become available, I'll have them, if I know when they'll be coming in , I'll post it here. 


Just in 10/13, 7 Pacific Parrotlets. Just in 10/9, Zebra Finches.

Just in 10/14, 15  Cockatiels

Breeding Season

Breeding season is coming to a close and birds seem to be selling as fast as they're coming in, the below list changes regularly, check often.

 If you'd like pricing on any of these birds, just call it's easier than email. Thanks

We do not sell unweaned babies as there is too much of a risk involved with handfeeding, please don't ask.
The Greatest Selection of Birds under one roof in Western & Central New York. Located just East of Rochester overlooking beautiful Irondequoit Bay. Been great for 27 years now.

2 Meyers Parrots just weaned, calm, mid sized bird, generally pretty quiet.

1 Alexandrine Parrot, elegant mid sized bird, good talking potential

8 Cockatiels*, mostly pied mutation, just in 10/14. Few on hold pending sex results.

2 Albino Quakers, just weaned, 1st ones we've ever had, pretty cool too

3 Quakers, Green Crossover mutation, just in 9/27, very nice looking

13 Quaker Parrots*, Green Crossover (very nice), Blue, Blue  Opaline, Green Opaline, just in 9/12

2 Peach Faced Love Birds, just weaned, more soon

6 Pacific Parrotlets*, just in 10/13

1 Sun Conure*, just in 9/27

2 Cherry Headed Conures*, big conure, decent talker, as adults they'll will have lots or red on the head. Very playful, ahrdy birds but can be loud.

1 Blue Crowned Conure*, a larger conure, fair talking ability, can be loud though

1 Brown Throated Conure*, just in 9/12

1 Crimson Bellied Conure, just weaned, a smaller conure, fairly quiet, few of these around

3 Green Cheeked Conures, just weaned, Yellow Sided, Pineapple

2 Red Fronted Kakariki, just weaned, Cinnamon Mutation, high energy fast little birds, decent talkers. Just in 8/21

2 Blue Lineolated Parakeets, just weaned, just in 9/27
2 Opaline Red Rumped Parakeets. Females. Never had these before.

Baby Parakeets, just in 10/14,
Baby English Budgies just in 9/27, very nice. Not hand fed but young

3 Gouldian Finches, females, various colors, just in 8/17, Zebra Finches, 10/9

Canaries, young non singing males???