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BU News


       Welcome to The BU News page, a newsletter sort of a thing, some might call it a blog. Here I'll tell you about what's going on at the store, new stuff, birds, generally things we think that you might find interesting. It's updated regularly so check back often. For more current news check out our FaceBook page, that link over to the left and down just a bit.

1/5/18 January 5th, is National Bird Day. 2018 is also being called "The Year of The Bird", by the National Geographic, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, The National Audubon Society, and BirdLife International. 2018 marks the 100th year of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which protects more than 1,025 avian species
The January issue of National Geographic is filled with great photos and stories on, why birds matter. On January 19th NatGeo channel will show "The Planet of the Birds". Happy YEAR OF THE BIRD.

12/19/17  Thank you to everyone who donated to the two bird charities on our front counter. We just sent off a check for 165.00 to the local group Wild Wings. If you haven't been out to see this place put it on your calendar for something to do next year. The other check went to The World Parrot Trust, 80.00 will help parrots in the wild.

12/13/17 It's a Birds Unlimited tradition now, our annual Christmas Cage Sale will commence next week from 12/18-12/23. Cages only now, all cages will be 10 % off, if there is a cage we don't have in stock, pay for it and receive the discount and we'll get it in for you. Now if that's not enough you'll also gets points in our reward program for an additional savings. I know what you're saying, Paul you must be crazy... ok, maybe a little bit but that's fine by me and you'll get to save some money. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from us here at Birds Unlimited.

12/5/17 With Christmas only three weeks away...Please consider that the idea of a pet at Christmas my seem like a great idea but whether it's a dog, cat, hamster, or bird, a living thing is not always a very wise choice as a gift. Shop smart, not impulsively.

12/1/17 Every year between Thanksgiving and New Years we have many customers lose their birds unexpectedly. Sometimes it's from self cleaning ovens, scented candles, teflon poisoning, or just that there is so much more going on and we don't observe our pets like we normally do.Home holiday decorating may also stress a bird. Please be careful and make sure everyone is aware of the daily hazards we could possibly subject our pets to. Make the holidays safe for everyone.

11/22/17 Christmas toys are out !!

11/4/17 Put the date on your calendar, November 24, Black Friday, we will again offer free grooming, no appointment from 11:30-3, 2 bird maximum. The last two years it's been a bit crazy... fun but crazy.

11/4/17 Cooler weather is upon us, kinda sucks as I'm a warm weather kinda person... but if you're concerned about your birds we do have small heated perches and heating elements for cages. These work great for older birds or birds kept in a cooler part of the home and you want to keep your bird a bit warmer.

10/31/17 HAPPY HALLOWEEN, remember chocolate, especially dark chocolate can be toxic to your pets. No candy.

10/24/17 We've got a lot of out of town customers and many that have moved away over the years. many also stop in when they're back in town for holidays or to see family. If there's something you need and don't plan on being in the area soon, let us ship what you need to you. We ship feed almost daily as well as other supplies. We use USPS Priority Mail and most packages are to you in about 2 days. Let us know if we can help.

10/17/17 It's getting to be that time of year again, if you're at a loss for a gift for a bird loving friend we have Gift Certificates, aka Birdie Bucks. In any amount you'd like.

10/5/17 Here are a few things that we do differently here at Birds Unlimited that we believe make a difference...

    * Full Spectrum lighting throughout the store, including the boarding area, more than 300 bulbs were changed to LED full spectrum.

    * Birds regularly receive fresh fruits and veggies, along with a pelleted diet and appropriate seed diet including the boarded birds.

    * Regular out of the cage time and handled.

    * Education plays a big role here. We do several programs yearly just to answer questions and teach kids and adults about birds. This year we also brought in our friends from Wild Wings to show off some of their non releasable education birds.

    * If you have questions, we can answer them. "I don't know" is not an option. We've got the experience that others don't.

    * The owner, me, is here every day, most of the time too.

    * We try and break the stereotype of "pet stores" that just push pets on people. There are many species of birds we don't sell as they don't do well as pets.

9/29/17 Recent deliveries of cages, toys and birds has this place packed. Calendars are back too, 2018 in many different varieties. If you haven't joined our rewards program you better get on the ball. It saves you money, get free seed, discounts on toys... If you're out of town and we regularly ship to you, you can still enroll. Give us a call and we'll hook ya up.

9/21/17 Be sure to follow us on Twitter, the link is over there to the left, and on Instagram, birdsUnlted, and of course Facebook where we have nearly 2500 likes. Thanks everyone.

9/12/17 So it's back by popular demand, the "Bird Cam", The link is right over there to the left. If you want to see a baby bird and you may be one of our out of towners, let us know what you want to see and we'll get the cam on it. If you're boarding your bird you can check up to see how it's doing. Most of the time it'll be pointed at the babies in the tanks. It'll be on during store hours. What a great way to kill some time at work. 

8/28/17 What a great Saturday we had here. Jess & Ashley came out from Wild Wings and showed off a few birds, Barred Owl, Screech Owl, A Kestrel, and a Red Tailed Hawk. If you've not been to Wild Wings, you should, they're located in Mendon Ponds and have a lot of non releaseable animals to check out and learn a bit about. 

Lots of people showed up here. We have bird lovers of all types.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, especially the great staff here @ BU.

8/22/17, Some cool new birds this week, Mitred Conre, Cherry Headed Conures, and a Red Factor Sun Conure. Not to mention, but I will anyway, a yellow Red Fronted Kakariki. 

These birds are all in the store being hand fed, actually just over 50 are being hand fed currently. The Babies page is always current. If it's on there we have it, if you don't see it..... we don't.

8/15/2017, Keep in mind, for the most up to date info check out our Facebook page. The link is over there on the left. 

 Summer's still soggy here in Rochester, but the babies keep coming in, something new every week this time of year. The supply starts to dry up by the end of September. Keep checking the babies link for current availability, and yes this is one of the few web sites that is kept current. Ok, this page has slipped a bit but now it's as current as the babies page. I won't promise something new every day but it will be more active.

 Don't forget about Birds Of Prey Day here at Birds Unlimited, Saturday August 26, from noon to 2. There will be live birds to see and you can ask questions about these fantastic creatures, see them up close. Brought to you by Wild Wings. Mark it on your calendar. 

 Have you joined our rewards program? What? It's like free money. Ask about it the next time you're in. Sometimes extra food, discount on a toy ... check it out, free to sign up too. Who doesn't like free stuff? 

 Ever seen albino Quaker Parrots? You can if you stop in here. First time we've ever had 'em. Very cool,very friendly.