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       Welcome to The BU News page, a newsletter sort of a thing, some might call it a blog. Here I'll tell you about what's going on at the store, new stuff, birds, generally things we think that you might find interesting. It's updated regularly so check back often. Depending on how darn bored you are you can read back (or scroll down) a few months. For more current news check out our FaceBook page, that link over to the left and down just a bit.

11/19/2016  Make sure you check out our FaceBook page, the link is over to the left. That's where more info about birds, recalls, sales, current events... are posted. 

On Nov. 25, 2016, Black Friday we will be doing bird grooming, from 12 noon to 4, no appointment necessary, 2 birds max, nothing larger than an African Grey. First come...first served.

10/20/15 Make sure you check out PBS, locally it's WXXI channel 21 Wednesday 10/21/15, 8 PM Nature. a program on pets and the world famous Disco The Parakeet will be on it, then on Saturday 10/24 Disco will be here at the store from noon to 3 PM. Don't miss it. In store specials too.

9/24/15  Disco Day here @ Birds Unlimited. that's right, Disco the Parakeet will be making a return engagement on Saturday October 24 noon-3. Come meet the YouTube star.

9/24/15 Check this out!!!

3/25/15 Check this out from our friend Disco The Parakeet

9/29/2014  Hey folks, check out the latest edition of Petpalooza Magazine. The feature article is on Birds Unlimited. Lots of pictures too. Available here animal related places and most vet hospitals.

5/6/14 For the latest info on what is going on here at the store, check our Facebook page. You see that little icon to the lower left? Just click on it and you can even post pictures of your birds there. I can reach a lot more people this way as well. Product recalls will be posted on both Facebook and Twitter.

07/26/13 Saturday August 3rd from 2-4 right here at Birds Unlimited, come meet that YouTube sensation...Disco The Parakeet. Yup, that's right folks, that viral video star will be here to see his fans. If you're not familiar with Disco check him out on YouTube, you'll be amazed, that's what got him onto The Today Show a few weeks ago, I'm talking big time here.

Ok  friends, mark down this date, July 20. Back again will be a group from Defenders of Wildlife, a Canandaigua based group that helps promote education through live animal presentations. They were here last year and brought some really cool animals, (see our photos section), and you get to see them up close too. They'll be here 11 to 1 on Saturday July 20.
Keep watching as another announcement is coming soon that you won't want to miss.

03/30/13 What a busy week it's been. Big cage order, big toy order, big stuff order. The store is packed. Some things that we haven't had in a while and some new things as well.

02/21/13 Another KayTee recall. Our inventory is checked, but you may want to check the dates on the stuff you have at home.

01/16/13 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. 2012 was a great year here. We had some nice employees moving on to big things, one went to Vet school to Michigan State, another went to vet tech school, another went on to do EMT training and a couple others went back to school in the fall. We added a new section to the store, a natural / organic section that is turning out to be fairly popular. I have a manager for the first time in the history of Birds Unltd, Megan, pretty sharp, w/ lots of ideas and enthusiasm. For the first time we ask all employees to complete an avian course from The American Federation of Aviculture, we are all certified avian specialists now. Great for the staff and customers should benefit as well. 2013 should be an equally great year as we continually try to update the store w/ new products, ideas... and thew Facebook page has taken off great too, check it out.  Paul

12/19/12 This Saturday 12/22, all cages are 10% off, if we don't it in stock, pay for, get your discount and we'll get it for you, hopefully the following week. This is my once a year deal on cages, if you want two or more you'll get a bigger discount.

11/29/12 Holiday hours, 12/24 and 12/31 we'll be closing at 3:00 PM Closed on Christmas & New Years days.  Have a great and safe Holiday.

11/15/12 The next time you're in check out the new section we've devoted to natural food and organic food and supplies. There's not a lot of it out there like there is for dog & cat, but we've found a fair amount to offer you. Cooked foods, baked foods, pellets, seed, cleaner, even an organic litter. More to come too.

11/13/12 In this high speed world of technology, which I am slow speed in, it seems that people are Facebook friendly. In the past when I post recalls, warnings... on both Facebook and this web site I can reach about 200 in a day via this web site and as many as 1000 or more via Facebook. I tend to post things on Facebook first as it reaches people quicker and gets to more people.

You don't have to sign up or register to see our Facebook page. Just click that little blue and white icon over to the left, down a little bit, <---- over there, see it? It will get you in. There's lots of pictures, videos, stuff that people post that may be of interest to bird lovers. Check it out.

10/31/12 Here are a few more disaster helpers from the American Federation of Aviculture to help prepare for potential power outages (which could last for weeks in some areas), for downed trees (blocking roads), and flooding.
Outside aviaries: Bring the birds inside before the storm hits. Depending on your type of out-door aviaries and the number of birds, sometimes it is best if the they stay where they are rather than stress them by catching and moving them. If that is the case, try to cover their enclosures or provide a wind break. Remember in high winds that large objects (grills, bikes, mailboxes…) could be thrown into your aviary. Have several flashlights on hand and have extra batteries too. For example you may put one in each: bathroom, bedroom, bird room/s, or kitchen… and have a small one for each person to have on their person at all times.
Cage Care: Change cage papers, food and water BEFORE you lose power (if possible). Fill extra jugs of water. You can use pots, bathtubs or buckets as well. Do this while you still have access to clean, running water. Bird Food: In case of power outages have your bird food easily accessible and near by. Free flying birds: If you put your birds in cages at night, it might be a good idea to put them in their cages before the storm hits. Animals react “differently” when the weather becomes crazy.
Towels/nets: Have a few towels or nets on hand in case you need to secure a bird or help a friend with his/her bird/s.
Carriers: Have clean, dry, pet carriers on hand. Stock a Carrier travel kit: food, water bottle, perch, newspaper, toys, hand sanitizer, hand towel, paper towels. Make sure your cell phones and cameras are charged. One thing for sure… birds often do the funniest things when the weather is crazy; you may as well video it (if safe and possible

10/28/12 Here in the Northeast we can lose power from a storm any time of year but in the colder months there are certain things to keep in mind. We can have snow anywhere from October to May and if roads are bad you may not be able to get bird food when you need it. An extra supply may be a good idea. Just a couple pounds will usually get you through a few days until the roads get cleared up. You can freeze it and keep it for emergencies. Pelleted foods have more than a year shelf life.

 Most people worry when the temperature starts to drop in the home and the bird may get chilled. Most healthy birds can tolerate temperatures as low as 45-50 degrees. Many birds are bred in the southern states and kept outdoors all year, even Florida gets temperatures into the 40’s and below and the birds do fine. You could cover the cage but that probably doesn’t do anything for retaining heat. DO NOT use a kerosene heater near a bird as the fumes are toxic and it’s also illegal to use them indoors in some municipalities. DO keep plenty of food for the bird, food is energy, their consumption may increase in lower temperatures. Temperature is not a major concern for me.

 If you need extra light while the power is off be careful what candles you burn. The fumes from scented candles can kill a pet bird. Also, birds and feathers burn easily, keep them away from any open flames.

10/10/12 It only took 23 years but I finally found someone worthy of the task. I have a store manager now, yup, official title and everything. Megan, who's been here since the very end of last year is my "right hand man" so to speak. Much better people skills than my own, 'cause basically I have none, more ideas too. Ahhh, finally, nice.

10/10/12 Any of you bird lovers out there looking for employment? We're taking applications again. Over the summer I had a surplus of able bodies, now I need one.
Bird experience, dependable, reliable transportation, some mornings, some nights most Saturdays, previous retail experience would be helpful, ... this could be you. I'll be taking applications for the next few weeks.

10/08/12 Hey, bird lovers: ZuPreem is recalling some packages of its FruitBlend products due to elevated calcium levels. We've sold two of the two pound prebagged bags. Check your dates. 


09/17/12  New 2013 calendars are in. Eleven different styles to choose from, we even picked up a few Owl and eagle calendars. Nice stuff. 13.98, what a deal.


08/04/12  Man I need a new router, cameras or something. Sorry, Web BirdCam is down for a bit. I'm working on it.

07/02/12  Sorry no Live Bird Cam for a couple of days..... at least until we get the new router working.

05/26/12  Ok, I'm guessing that you folks who read this are animal lovers, so let me tell you what we have coming up. On Saturday May 26th from  2:00 to 4:30 we'll have animals other than birds. I'm talking about possums, porcupine, alligator... weird stuff you'll only see in a zoo. But you'll get to see them close, real close. A group called Wildlife Defenders, from Bridges for Brain Injury, Inc will be here to show and educate. They were here one other time, the pictures can be seen on our Facebook page.   I'm also putting all toys on sale, 10 % off this day only.

05/16/12 A few of the girls in here and myself have either finished or are taking a course from the American Federation of Aviculture. A pretty good course on behavior, disease detection and prevention, housing and more. We're always trying to get a little bit better...

05/12/12 Folks, it's baby bird season, we have a ton, and more coming in every week. Even if you're not looking to get another bird it's a fun time to come in and check out all the new arrivals. 

Next week we have a huge toy shipment coming, we just got cages, stands and playgyms this week, the place is packed.

05/10/12 The Wayne County Tech and Science Class was here for a tour today, about 20 kids made the trip to learn about the goings on of a bird store and the birds in it. Pictures are on our Facebook page.

04/03/12 In an effort to keep us ahead of the competition we try and keep ourselves educated and up to date with current avian trends and happenings. This past weekend a couple of the staff attended a behavior seminar at Cornell University presented by Barbara Heidenreich, a well known bird behaviorist. They loved it. They also saw a few of you folks in attendance.  Also, several of us in here are taking an avian course from the American Federation of Aviculture, damn we're gonna be smart.  I've always strived to have the most educated staff that I can and it's nice to be able to have such good resources available.

03/10/12  Wow, what a week. RG&E can't find the loose line so the power has gone out every time the wind blows (four times this week) I'm sure the restaurants down the road really appreciate it too. Then today a Frontier truck drives through the chain at the end of the driveway tearing down the posts and all. Thanks utility companies for making my week so special and costly.

03/09/12  We sure could use a few new pics for the bird of the week page, hint, hint.

03/08/12 Here's what I do in my free time.

03/08/12 Back in stock, Pine Nuts and Hemp Seed. Get 'em while I got 'em. These are two things that over the years have been difficult to impossible to get at times, but we got them in this week.

03/03/12 Wow, what a day. A bit short staffed and we were busy most of the day. Things were goin' great. Oops, spoke too soon, we lost power at about 3:00 and it didn't come back on until about 6:00, we close at 5:00 on Saturdays so we got to work in the dark for a couple of hours. Not the best for business but we got by.  We even had some old friends come down from the Watertown area and they picked up a nice little Kakariki... in the dark. thanks


02/27/12   Here's something that we don't often get the chance to get to , but this is close. This is an email I got from Barb. I'll be there hope you will too.

One of the exciting things I get to do is travel around the world teaching parrot behavior and training workshops. The best part of this is the opportunity to meet parrot people and their birds face to face. You never fail to have a good time when you get a group of people together with a common interest.

It looks like I am coming close to your area in the near future. I will be teaching a parrot training workshop at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY on March 31st. The workshops are truly great fun...we laugh alot, play learning games, see tons of inspiring videos and share really valuable information to help you with your parrot.

Here is the workshop description:
Training with positive reinforcement is a skill caregivers can learn to use to create and modify their parrot's behavior. Paired with careful observation of bird body language it can be a powerful tool in shaping a well behaved, interactive and entertaining companion parrot. The mechanics of training with positive reinforcement will be explored via lecture, video, games, activities and live demonstrations. We will also explore the drawbacks of using methods based in negative reinforcement that have been traditionally used to create behaviors, as well as learn how to apply the more trust building alternatives. With video examples of parrots voluntarily participating in physical exams, intramuscular injections and blood draws without restraint, participants will be inspired by the power of positive reinforcement training.

Last I heard there were still openings for what is sure to be a great event. You can find more information at this link To register fill out the form at this link. If you are already signed up...wonderful! I look forward to seeing you and having some fun with parrots.


Barbara Heidenreich
Good Bird Inc

02/23/12  Whoa, a busy week in here. Lots of cages came in Tuesday, we're still putting some together and a huge order of toys came in yesterday, more stuff tomorrow....phew.

02/03/12 Ok, so the woodchuck says six more weeks of winter.... if it's going to be like the last six weeks, I'll take it. Thanks Phil.

01/26/12 How a bout a nice comfortable night of acoustic music brought to you by me, the bird guy. John and I will be playing at The Towpath Cafe, 6 North main St, Fairport, this Saturday night 8-10:30. Beer, wine, food, and of course plenty of warm beverages too.

01/24/12 Check out the latest edition of PETPALOOZA magazine (Jan/Feb issue), page 18, you'll see Bird Banter w/ Paul Lewis. Of course you're always welcome to come in and banter w/ the real deal anytime you'd like. PETPALOOZA is available at most pet related places.

01/19/12  Who doesn't love to go sledding? Crow

01/18/12 Huge shipment of cages just came in this week, all assembled and ready to go. From finches to the big guys we've got a cage for them.

12/26/11  HAPPY NEW YEAR


12/21/11 Thank you again to all the people who have donated to the two bird associations that have cans on our counter. We just sent checks off to The World Parrot Trust for $265.00, and a check to the local group Wild Wings for $65.00. Thanks

12/12/11  Read the post right below this, since I put this up I've gotten calls on seven birds that were found dead unexpectedly. BE CAREFUL!!!

12/7/11  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Birds Unlimited. Over the years we've seen a pattern that happens every year about this time. Between Thanksgiving and the second week of January we get many phone calls from people who've had their bird die that seemingly was healthy and normal just the day or even hours before. Please be careful when using self cleaning ovens, non stick cookware, heavy scented candles... Maybe we're just too busy and not paying attention to our birds as much with so much going on and not notice if the bird isn't itself. Trees, colored lights, moving the birds cage can all be stressful for a bird, please be careful.

11/10/11 I love to watch this stuff, enjoy. Cat and owl

11/09/11 Raw peanuts are back in stock ! Not easy to get either, we've been out for about a month and we should be stocked for a while. If any of you use any nuts like almonds, filberts, Brazil..., I've been informed by multiple sources that prices will be sky high this year. Just a warning.

10/03/11 A few of us went down to the Rochester Museum & Science Center yesterday to talk to people about birds.What a turnout, we talked to maybe hundreds of people during a three hour visit. Lots of pictures were taken too.The birds are always the biggest hit. Pictures are on the Birds Unlimited FACEBOOK page.

10/1/11  Just in on 9/30, I haven't had time to load pics in the new stuff page yet, some new cookie treats by Caitec. Three flavors, cheap too. New sleeping huts too, these are nice, three sizes. Look for updates soon on the new stuff page.

9/15/11 Here's something interesting and kinda funny  wild cockatoos.

9/7/11 We've got a couple of new resident birds in the store. It's a pair of Hawk Headed Parrots. They've settled in very nicely and are quite spectacular. Stop in and see them.

8/20/11 We've been putting cages together all week, the best selection of big cages we've ever had at this store....we're packed!

8/18/11 Sure could use some new pics for the bird of the week page, send 'em in.  Hint Hint

7/19/11 Some staffing changes around here, one has got a new career (congratulations), one is going back to night school, another is gone too. I'm taking applications, looking for retail experience, knowledge of birds, reliable and must have transportation.

7/13/11 Here's an interesting nutritional web site.

7/13/11  Every once in a while nice things happen. For the first time in years we are seeing a bit of a drop in the calls about lost or found birds. In the past it seems that nearly every day in the summer someone has lost a bird usually because "I didn't think it would fly away". Twice this year we've reunited people w/ their lost pet. One was just a couple of days ago, a cockatiel, and about a month ago an African Grey. Keep those wings clipped people!

7/3/11 Any emails sent to the old address will not get to me as I'm with a new server. This is the one to use

7/2/11 Welcome to the new web site, 12 years on the old one and the software finally became outdated and my server wouldn't support it. So I was forced to go to something new, ugh! Well it's up and running, when I get used to it it will look better, give me some time. Man what a pain.

or both will work.

6/8/11 Thanks again goes to you fine folks who have donated to the World Parrot Trust donation box on the counter, between that and what the gumball machine brought in we sent out a check for 200.00 to them. This money goes to help save parrots in the wild and to education. thanks

6/3/11 Finally spring has sprung. We've got our planters planted, the lawn is getting cut, the hummer feeder's back up, lots of babies and the store is absolutely packed with toys, playpens and cages, it looks good here at the store. Summer is car season, and what better way to jazz up your car than with a new BU Parrot sticker. You've seen similar stickers with VT, NYC, ADK, and plenty you don't even understand... none as unique as this my friends. If ya want one, free, heck we'll even put it on for ya, just ask.


5/08/11 Wow, finally back up, my web server was having problems and I was unable to do updates. Everything is good again on the web site.

4/21/11  If you haven't seen the commercials about the movie "RIO" it's an animated movie about parrots, and getting good reviews, especially from the bird community. Here's a translated interview w/ the director of the movie and the real bird that inspired it.

4/09/11 For those of you who use Lory Life it is now back in stock. I was given some bad info on the company and they also failed to answer any phone calls or return any messages... but it's now back on the shelves.

3/18/11 Sorry it took so long but it wasn't because I wasn't trying...the BirdCam is back up and working. If you've had problems seeing the picture try using Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Firefox as a browser.

3/12/11 Thanks again to you folks who donated to the World Parrot Trust, that can on the counter, we just sent a check off for 150.00. Thanks

3/03/11 Yesterday Birds Unlimited paid a visit to BOCES over in Fairport. We took some birds to the animal sciences class, Dr Laura Wade from Lancaster spoke on bird care. Everybody loves to play w/ the birds.   

02/20/11 One of the most commonly asked questions is where someone could take a bird if it's not feeling well. I've had the list on my FAQ page for a while, but I've just made a separate link on the home page to make it easier for you to find a veterinarian in the central and Western New York area. Many of those are hyperlinked to the hospitals web sites for more information.

02/10/11  Busy week here, one of the girls had her daughters home broken into and they stole her dog. It's a white and tan 60 lb pitbull, nice and she'd love to have it back. They've checked al the shelters, posted signs..... call Michelle @ 713.5480 if ya know something, Reward too.

02/10/11 Huge cage shipment came in on Monday, huge load of toys today. More stuff tomorrow. If you want to see a full bird store come check it out.

01/21/11 We could use a few new pictures for the BOTW page. If you got a video camera for the holidays ... how about a video for the FACEBOOK page. Send 'em in.  thanks