Birds Unlimited

1421 Empire Blvd
Webster, New York 14580

585.288.6455 order line

                Monday - Friday 11 to 7
                Saturday- 10 to 5
                Sunday - closed 

Rochester's first and still only exclusive, all inclusive, clean, premier bird store is now 34 years young. All birds all the time, nothing else.
Thanks for finding Birds Unlimited. We honestly believe that there's not a better place to purchase an exotic pet bird or bird supplies. Thirty four years in business and now in our seventeenth  year at the Webster location. Overall, 50 years I've been handling, training, and breeding large parrots. I can't think of anyone in the area who comes close. I'd like to think that one of the best bird stores in the country, voted on by you nice customers at in 2008, is now even better. Thanks.
 We realize that there are plenty of other places that you could be doing your shopping for your bird, so we will continue to bring you the latest in bird stuff, have what you need, when you need it, at a fair price. I try to keep the store packed with all kinds of things, whether you're a seasoned bird keeper or a first timer to the store, you should be overwhelmed when coming in. We've got stuff, lots of it. For you people who like to surf the internet and shop, I'll even try to beat or match any online prices on merchandise. Because we're a specialty store doesn't mean our prices will be higher than other stores, in fact we're usually cheaper. It's coming into the summer months and people are traveling to see us. We've had people from all over, just recently, we have regulars from Rhode Island, Albany, lots from Ithaca even a few from Maryland and always lots from Buffalo and Syracuse. I'm also amazed (and thankful) when people travel as far as they do to get here, we appreciate every one of you.

 Webster is just about 3 miles East of Rochester. Just a stones throw from beautiful Irondequoit Bay. If you need help picking out a bird, a toy, or a  playpen, just ask. We will never push a bird on you! Don't fall into the trap of being sold what a store has in stock. Get what is right for you, we can help! We may even talk you out of the idea of getting a bird if we don't honestly think it's a good fit for your home. We're just looking out for the birds. We have a great selection of baby parrots, all hand fed, well socialized, and all New York State legal (properly banded).

Other pet stores, veterinary hospitals, humane societies, and zoos regularly refer their customers to us (they also shop here). That should give you the idea to check us out first.  We also have not, and will not ever sell birds at a "Bird Mart", flea market, or bird sale. We are also NOT affiliated with any so called bird "rescues", even if they tell you otherwise. We also do not post ads or buy birds to resell from web sites like Craigslist or other internet sites. 

 There's a lot going on here so take your time and be sure to check out the links page. Lots of great bird info can be found there. The FAQ pages have a lot of information on it as well, all my own information, nothing taken from another web site because I thought it sounded good. From training and behavior to how the store got started, need to find a vet, it's all there. All this and no dirty words or nudity, hard to find a kid friendly web site these days (if you need help finding dirty words or nudity just ask me when you get here, just kidding... kinda, ok yea I can probably help with that too).


The Store

 Once you get to the store you'll probably wonder why you ever shopped at another pet store (unless you needed fish food, a hamster or a dog bone, or something other than bird stuff), but I tell you we've got stuff for birds, lots of it. Even the big "super stores" for pets can't come close to what we have. Not to mention the "super stores" don't have the staff with background that we have, and they won't spend as much time with you as we will. Stay until all your questions are answered. Farm & Garden stores, department stores, and "super pet stores" really can't come close to what we offer, that's why so many of their employees shop here (and you won't find fertilizer in the next aisle). Hopefully you'll leave knowing more about birds than when you came in. 

You can buy a bird from another store, but you can't buy one from a better store. Since we opened in 1990 we've sent home thousands of baby birds. While most find homes locally, our babies now reside in all parts of the country, as well as Canada, and Singapore. We've raised birds for zoos, (ZooAtlanta, Seneca Park Zoo), and the Strong Museum Butterfly exhibit. All of the birds at Birds Unlimited are raised in captivity, none are taken from the wild. All of our birds are within the guidelines of the New York State Wild Bird Law (many stores are not). Most of the birds are raised locally while many of the larger parrots come to us from Florida. New birds arrive almost weekly throughout the year. Your greatest selection will be between May and September as this is their breeding season. We hand feed hundreds of babies each year from the tiny parrotlets to the huge macaws. We don't let any of the babies leave until they are weaned. Weaning time varies from 8 to 20 weeks or more depending on the species. Cockatoos especially seem to take forever to wean. Don't know what bird you want? The staff can help you make a smart choice for your lifestyle and environment. Stop in and see why people from across the state travel to shop at Birds Unlimited.


The Staff 

 These people love to talk about birds, they love to get the birds out and handle them, and they love to show them off to the customer, and thankfully they like to clean up after them. If you've a question about birds, just ask. A couple of them have gone on to be vet techs, vet students, and veterinarians, worked at zoos and the National Aviary, nice. Hopefully when you leave you'll know more about birds than when you came in, if you don't then we're not doing our job. The staff is required to pass basic avicultural courses so that they are confident about helping customers. These people are not only great, they are the best in the area, I couldn't do this without them. Most were customers before they were employees.

"What, is this all you can say about us" is what I got when they saw this. I can't win.

The Owner

 Ok, so on my original web site I described myself as the crabby guy with the beard who's in the store all the time. Why you ask, is this guy crabby? Could it be because parents let their children run loose in the store unsupervised? If your kids are good, we'll get along fine. If you see me giving them the stink eye, hold them close...very close. Maybe because I enjoy hollering just to be heard above the din of screaming parrots. NO, I can't get you an owl for a pet. What, your bird flew away when you took it outside, and you're surprised by this? That bird bit you when you put your finger in its mouth? Honestly I'm an ok guy, not great just ok, my sister's pretty nice though. She stops in once in a while. I'm really more of an animal person than a people person, that's why I do this.
 My background with birds is quite varied. I started out keeping birds when I was 16, big birds, then I started to breed some, then started a local bird defunct, lectured at many bird clubs as well as Cornell University, The Rochester Institute of Technology, Monroe Community College, Roberts Wesleyan College, various schools, The Humane Society, BOCES, The Seneca Park Zoo, and The Rochester Museum and Science Center. I've written articles on keeping, breeding, and behavior for several avian publications. I've had lots of photos published in trade magazines, and have traveled to many avian conventions, some as far away as the Canary Islands. I've done lots of television programs, although I have a face for radio, grand openings, rented birds for movies, advertised for Kodak, (birds and dog), Xerox, and special events. Wait there's more, can't be, but there is... I'm a Certified Avian Specialist, a member of IAATE, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Seneca Park Zoo, The American Federation of Aviculture, and probably a couple of others. Whoa, sounding kinda geeklike! I'm also currently an advisor to an industry trade magazine.